Blurb for Mission Improbable

As December 16th, publication date for Mission Improbable draws closer, everything is slowly slotting into place. Today I put the finishing touches to the book’s blurb. Writing blurbs is a painstaking process. Every word must count. After a couple of days’ work and much advice from friends on KBoards and at the Taipei Writers’ Group, I think I’m done. In the deepest reaches of the galaxy there are places and beings that aren’t impossible, just very, very improbable. Carrie Hatchett is a low-achieving daydreamer, and the last person on Earth who should be resolving disputes for the Transgalactic Council. After providing … Continue reading Blurb for Mission Improbable


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Sassy Saturday – Space Detective Part 1

Over the coming weeks I’ll be participating in a blog hop called Sassy Saturday, which showcases kick-butt heroines in published and forthcoming fantasy and action novels. Carrie Hatchett, star of my work-in-progress, Space Detective, definitely qualifies as a woman who prefers action over discussion. Here’s an extract from the beginning of Space Detective. Chapter One – The Glowing Green Door Carrie Hatchett’s interviewer, Ms. Bass, had no eyebrows. Or, rather, she had pretend eyebrows. About halfway between the naked ridges where her natural eyebrows once grew and her hairline were two thinly drawn, semi-circular lines. A cloud of bouffant grey … Continue reading Sassy Saturday – Space Detective Part 1