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How to Organise a Book Launch

Originally posted on Taipei Writers Group:
Taipei Writers’ Group recently launched the paperback of Taiwan Tales, along with a preview of the forthcoming Night Market, and I thought I would share some tips and advice based on our experience. Taipei Writers Group launching Taiwan Tales and Night Market Venue A good venue for a book launch is: Central in your city/region and easily accessible by car and public transport Large enough to accommodate the expected attendance, but not too large – if your turnout is smaller than expected, the place will seem uncomfortably empty Two-roomed if possible. People need a… Continue reading How to Organise a Book Launch

The Rise of Self-Publishing

Originally posted on Taipei Writers Group:
There used to be a time when self-publishing was the last resort of writers who had failed to find an agent or sell their work to a traditional publishing house. Companies willing to exploit writers’ burning desires to see their work in print – so-called vanity presses – preyed upon those desires and extorted large sums of money in return for producing copies that did not sell. Writers could also take the cheaper but more labour-intensive route of organising their own editing, cover, printing, marketing and distribution. But the days of writers shamefacedly admitting their… Continue reading The Rise of Self-Publishing

Learning from the Mistakes of Others

Originally posted on Taipei Writers Group:
Super editor Jamie Chavez gives a bad review of a book that was published, evidently, before it was made ready by any kind of editing. The strange thing is the book was put out by a major publishing house. Read her play-by-play remarks on the mistakes and don’t do them. Some bad things… Repeating info ad nauseam. Say it once and move on. Spelling with wrong words, such as waste for waist. “She put her arm around his waste” is a very sick thing. Continuity mistakes. Get the timeline straight. If you say five… Continue reading Learning from the Mistakes of Others