Cover Agony

I can’t be the only writer who is artistically challenged, but that’s how it feels when I see all the gorgeous book covers there are in the world, yet I can’t tell which of my own looks best.

The lovely Martin at Illuminati Books has been working on the covers for the next book in the Carrie Hatchett Space Adventure Series, Passage to Paradise, and he’s come up with three great designs based on the aliens Carrie encounters.

All three covers look good to me.

PassagePassage2Passage3The first two are the same with different colour schemes and feature an alien called a squashpump, which resembles a slug. The third includes one of the godlike dandrobians Carrie meets on their planet, Dandrobia.

I can’t decide which cover to use. Asking around hasn’t helped me much either. Some like the cover with the face, others like the squashpump-only cover.

Maybe that means they’re all good and I should stop worrying?


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