The Rise of Self-Publishing

Taipei Writers Group

There used to be a time when self-publishing was the last resort of writers who had failed to find an agent or sell their work to a traditional publishing house. Companies willing to exploit writers’ burning desires to see their work in print – so-called vanity presses – preyed upon those desires and extorted large sums of money in return for producing copies that did not sell. Writers could also take the cheaper but more labour-intensive route of organising their own editing, cover, printing, marketing and distribution.

But the days of writers shamefacedly admitting their work is ‘only’ self-published are over. The numbers of writers earning a full-time living or more are increasing. For some, the decision to self-publish is not the last step in a long process of submission and rejection, but their first choice.

Analysing the mechanics of self-publishing, it is not difficult to see why.

  • After publishing houses…

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