Learning from the Mistakes of Others

Taipei Writers Group

Super editor Jamie Chavez gives a bad review of a book that was published, evidently, before it was made ready by any kind of editing. The strange thing is the book was put out by a major publishing house. Read her play-by-play remarks on the mistakes and don’t do them.

Some bad things…

  • Repeating info ad nauseam. Say it once and move on.
  • Spelling with wrong words, such as waste for waist. “She put her arm around his waste” is a very sick thing.
  • Continuity mistakes. Get the timeline straight. If you say five minutes ago, he ate lunch, don’t change it to he hadn’t eaten for two hours in the next paragraph.
  • Purple prose. Avoid ridiculously decorated descriptions. “He looked angrily at me, his eyes like two Sherman tank cannons.”
  • Get your facts straight. AKA write about what you know, else people who do know will complain.

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