Hobbit Features Revealed

As Peter Jackson’s depiction of Tolkien’s masterpiece The Hobbit is premiered around the world this week, specialist facial anthropologist Dr. Susan Hayes revealed her reconstruction of the face of Homo floresienses, the so-called real-life hobbit.

This ancient species of hominid was discovered in Flores, Indonesia, in 2003. Standing only three feet six inches high, and having comparatively large feet, it didn’t take long for world media to make the connection with Tolkien’s invention. These little people, like Neanderthals, became extinct as recently as 17,000 years ago according to some estimates. Despite having very small brains, they hunted with tools and may have used fire.

Dr. Hayes’ reconstruction reveals a broad-nosed, high cheekboned female with long ears.

“She’s not what you’d call pretty, but she is definitely distinctive,” Dr Hayes said.

Probably not the features Tolkien had in mind for Rosie Cotton, barmaid of The Green Dragon inn at Bywater, Hobbiton, but an interesting insight into one of humanity’s closer cousins nevertheless.


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