Incan Oracle Open for Business

At a crossroads in your life? Got an important decision to make? Thinking of getting some advice? You may want to do what the Incans did and go to an oracle for guidance.

Most people have heard of the Oracle of Delphi, whose cryptic responses to hero’s questions were the plot twist of many a tragic Ancient Greek adventure. But there is plenty of evidence that oracles, who were supposed to be the mouthpieces of the gods, also existed in Incan culture.

Now it’s possible for tourists to visit the site of one such oracle, at the Pachacamac sanctuary in Peru. Consisting of 500 hectares, the site contains a series of pyramids and a palace, and is said by archeologists to have existed since 200 AD up to the fateful arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1533. In the process of constructing access to the site, the archeologists uncovered a large tomb full of the remains of dog sacrifices and copper jewellery.

Sadly, no human oracle exists to answer your questions now, but perhaps taking the Route of the Pilgrims, which rises 4,100 feet up to the site, may provide you with inspiration. origin_3886874083


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