Future Fuel From Air and Water

When the oil wells finally run dry, or when we decide we really need to deal with rising atmospheric CO2, what will the fuel of the future look like? It may look very much the same as it does today. The difference will be where it comes from.

Engineers at Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) have produced 5 litres of petrol using carbon dioxide extracted from air and hydrogen from water. The process was fueled by renewable energy, and because the fuel is synthetic the engineers can ensure it won’t produce pollutants such as sulphur when it’s burned.

Though the processes were already known, AFS is the first company to bring them together. The plan is to construct a plant that will produce approximately 1,200 litres of fuel a day by the end of 2014.


Burning fossil fuels has altered our atmosphere for the worse. This new product gives us hope we can reverse the damage.


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