Living with Carnivores

Courtesy of porbital at

On the eastern coast of England, a limestone outcrop called Humphrey Head juts out into the sea. This is the place where, allegedly, the last wolf in England was killed during the 14th Century. Since that time, the English have had no fear of sharing their living environment with large carnivores.

Citizens of large continents don’t enjoy the same peace of mind. In greater Chicago alone, around 2,000 coyotes exist alongside humans.

And as suburban areas of cities expand, people may find themselves coming face to face more often with animals they would usually expect to see in national parks.

Stan Gehrt, professor of wildlife ecology at Ohio State University, predicts that bears, mountain lions and wolves may be next to move into city areas, drawn by the ready availability of garbage to eat and lack of competition for territory.

Getting close to nature may take on a whole new meaning.


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