Brain Type Determines your Trance State

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Hypnosis is a valuable tool for helping us cope with pain, anxiety, addiction, and undesirable behaviours. But not everyone benefits. Some people are simply very difficult to hynotise, and this trait seems to be unconnected to personality or physical attributes.

David Speigel and his team at the Cen­ter for In­te­gra­tive Med­i­cine, Stan­ford Uni­vers­ity, wondered why. So they scanned the brains of 12 easily hypnotised people and 12 people who showed little response to hynotitists’ efforts.

The team found that people who had very little interaction between the decision-making and attention-paying areas of the brain were also least sensitive to hypnosis, with the opposite finding in the easily hynotised group.

Your susceptibility to hypnosis is dependent on how your brain works, and isn’t within your control, so if someone tells you to look into their eyes, better think twice.

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