Boys Leave Their Mark on Their Mothers

Parents often feel that the experience of child-rearing has changed them forever. Now physical evidence of motherhood has been found in the human brain.

A team of researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle wondered whether fetal cells could cross the human blood/brain barrier. They tested their hypothesis by examining the brains of 59 female cadavers, and found male DNA in 63% of them. The DNA was found in many regions of the brain

The pregnancy history of the women was largely unknown, but there are few other avenues for male DNA to appear within a female body. One other method is through the reabsorption of a male twin during gestation.

Interestingly, the study included former Alzheimer’s sufferers, and found that these women had less male DNA. More research is needed to establish the significance of this finding.

So if you’re feeling as though your children never quite leave home, you may be right.

Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

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