Cannabinoids May Help Delay Alzheimer’s

Courtesy of scottchan at

The evidence that derivatives of cannabis can be used as medical treatments continues to mount.

One of the effects of aging that causes cognitive decline is inflammation of the neurons in the brain. A study published in the New England Medical Journal in 2001 found that patients who had been treated with anti-inflammatory drugs had a greatly reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life, though later studies have found no effect once symptoms begin to show.

But the Journal of Neuroinflammation reported a new study this week that demonstrates the effective use of cannabinoids in treating chronic neuroinflammation in aged rats. The scientists also found that the rats’ memories improved under the treatment. Cannabinoids are an established treatment for inflammatory-related pain.

Our elders won’t necessarily have an excuse to smoke dope, however. The study found the effect even at non-psychoactive doses.


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