Tiniest Ancient Tetrapod Footprints Found

When most of us imagine ancient animals, we think of dinosaurs.

But dinosaurs were by no means the only animals that lived millions of years ago.

There were also the microsaurs. Small, lizard-like creatures, their fossils are more difficult to find than dinosaur bones, which makes the discovery of footprints of the Batrachichnus salamandroides especially exciting.        

A fossil track of footprints, found at Joggins, Nova Scotia,  sets a new record as the smallest ever fossil footprints found of a four-legged animal.

Researchers at St. Mary’s University, Halifax, have estimated that the juvenile microsaur measured only 8 mm from head to tail, with a trunk length of 3.55 mm.

Courtesy of porbital at freedigitalphotos.com

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